• Four Speed Ford Toploads

  • Five Speed Tremec TKO's

  • High performance C-4 and C-6 automatic transmissions


The 427 engine we use in our 427 turnkey,is the largest cubic inch displacement we offer.The 427 uses a lengthy 4.170 stroke to yield 427 cubic inches. 

  • Probe SRS Forged Pistons,Probe Forged Steel Crankshaft,Probe Forged 4340 H-Beam Rods,Perfect Circle or Total Seal Race Rings,and CL77-P Bearings.

  • Heads are AFR-Aluminum Race Heads(valve size Intake-2.08 Exhaust 1.60. 58cc/70cc exhaust ports.

  • We also offer Edelbrock Aluminum Heads less powerful (valve size-2.05 Intake Exhaust 1.60 60cc/75cc exhaust ports.

  • Camshaft is a Comp Cams/Hydraulic Rollers or Mechanical Rollers,Valve lift may very.

  • The top of the motor comes with a Edelbrock Victor Jr single-plane Intake Manifold.

  • The Carburetors we use are Holley 750 SA Demons 750 S or if you want to go racing we have Webers.

  • The Distributor we use are MSD-Pro Billet.The Motor makes about 500/535 HP.