The Body​

  • Constructed by hand using high quality fiberglass and gel-coat materials.

  • Inner panels: front wheel shrouds; foot boxes; firewall; transmission tunnel; steel reinforced floor plans; rear cockpit panels; and trunk inner liner.

  • All inner panels are securely bonded in place to insure maximum strength against every day wear and racing level punishment.

  • The bonnet, trunk lid and reinforced doors are installed to guarantee a precise fit every time.

  • The body color and style are available in your choice of Dupont Imron paint.

The Frame​

  • Contructed out of the finest in industrial grade steel.

  • A Parallel Ladder Design is implemented using, 3' x 4' x 1/8' wall steel square tubing.

  • A massive "X" brace is welded between the main rails to increase maximum stability during stress.

  • We guarantee the strength of our frame and its ability to handle stress.

427 Holliday Cobra & Frame